The owner and founder of Woodward Studios found his passion for recording back in the late 1990's in Hamilton Ontario Canada, where the studio still exists today.

Jon Howard always had a love for music and immediately turned to recording his own music on whatever equipment he could pull together.

His recordings from 2003 landed his band Threat Signal a record deal with Nuclear Blast and took him around the world playing shows, and working in several high end studios.

Jon having so much interest in the technical side, brought back priceless knowledge of the recording industry and applied it to his own studio. 

Tracks Featuring Jon Howard
Releases By Jon Howard

2014 – Last Rivals – Vindictive (Disciples Of Hate)

2014 – Illuminate – Where Giants Once Stood (Live Above EP)

2014 – Poisoned Words – Rewards For A Dead Man (Self Titled)

2015 - Break Free - Heavygrinder

2015 - Bodies remix - DJ BL3ND

2015 – Sirens, Black Scarlet – I, Legion (Pleiona)

2016 – Ashes Of Fate – Logical Terror (TBA)

2016 - Nihil Sine Causa - Eths

2016 - Diverge Converge - Dawn Heist

2007 - Trial By Fire - Separation Of Self (ReSolve)

2008 - Vertical Smile - Bleed The Sky (Murder The Dance)

2012 – Escape As Deliverance, Deceive The Light, We Will Fight – I Legion (Beyond Darkness)

2012 – Indifference – Demented Sanity (Legacy)

2012 – The Charm Of Sirens – Overdown (Ethereal)

2012 - Inhaled – T.A.N.K (Spasms Of Upheaval)

2013 – Eyes Like Daggers – Weapon Status Red (Sink Or Swim)

2013 – Hatriot – Wretchedpain (The Hell You Seek)

2014 - This Is Ours - Endast – (Thrive)

Since then only by word of mouth, more and more bands have been seeking out Jon and his studio to bring their music to its full potential.

Woodward Studios is a fun, casual but professional work environment that doesn't hold you to the clock.

We firmly believe that you can't put a time on creativity.